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My past three wheelchairs have been from Motion Wheelchairs. Albert and co always put your safety and comfort first. On several occasions Albert has made something on the spot, like a cradle for my speaker!

For thirty odd years James, Libby and co have supplied us with various equipment and software so I can do adjust my bed, operate my TVs and soon I will able to control our whole house with their technology!

In 2023 Mum and I went to an ATSA Expo (where hundreds of companies showcase their equipment and services for people living with a disability) and we met Charlene from Link Assistive. I saw an eyegaze system I liked and chatting with Charlene she understood what I wanted and needed. So now I use a Tobii Eye5 Camera with Communicator 5 and as I say to everyone, I feel like I'm using my computers "normally"!

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