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I'm a fortysomething-year-old Melbournian, from Australia! I'm the oldest of four children and an aunty of four gorgeous boys Declan, Quinn, Tyreece (Reece) and baby Leo, plus four beautiful girls Destiny, Eve, Olivia and Elsie! They are my life and I believe as their Aunty it's my job to spoil them rotten!


I was born with severe Athetoid Cerebral Palsy which is a physical disability, but intellectually I'm like any other fortysomething-year-old. The simple description of my form of CP is that the signals from my brain to my body get muddled up, and the result is spasmodic movements and a lack of control over my body.


Due to my disability, I’m unable to verbally speak so I communicate by using my computers. Actually, people say I talk more than some verbal people! When I'm out 'n about I use a portable eyegaze system that has voice output so I do have a voice.

Until using eyegaze systems (both on my home desktop PC and Surface Pro tablet) I used a headswitch with laptops during my high school and Tafe days. I had to use this form of typing for 24 years, so you can imagine how thankful I am to have my eyegaze systems and I'm so grateful to those who donated to raise funds to buy this amazing technology.


Since finishing my Diploma I've had articles and poetry published in several magazines, newspapers and books including 2016's From The Outer. In March 2008 I was accepted by Orble to start my own music site then in 2010 I went independent and registered Gigs 'n Interviews. In 2015 I published my 200th interview!


My beautiful Mum and I
Dad, Livvy as a bubba and myself
All my beautiful nephews and nieces
My sis Danielle & hubby Steve
Danielle and Steffy's family
Neaky, Doyle, Livvy and Leo
Cam and gorgeous Elsie
My firstborn nephew Declan in 2002
My 2nd nephew Quinn 2006
My beautiful niece Eve in 2008
Our boys - Shadie & Frankie
Our beautiful little Sophie
Baby Olivia and I - November 2017
Snuggles with Leo - November 2022 (7)
Declan and I 2004
@  Danielle & Steffy's wedding
And the tradition continues with my nephews and nieces sitting on my footplate for Aunty Jac rides
Little Elsie having a ride
one word...MISCHIEF!
First meeting with Diesel
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